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  • The weather was dreadful but we still managed to supply Vintage clothing to the masses at Hay Festival 2014.

    We didnt let the weather put us off as we stocked up our Vintage tent with warm woolen American varsity jackets, aran jumpers, sheepskin coats and scarves.  The daily trek to the Festival site across the car park through inches of wet mud. Im very grateful to my Mum who kindly let me borrow her wellies. I dont actually own a pair and I didnt realise until I was in desperate need!

    The weather might have been dreadful but the atmosphere at the festival was buzzing

    As well as catching up with some of the locals and customers from last year we didnt realise we would be in for a few extra treats this year!

    The excitement began when we were interviewed for The Guardian news paper. Saturdays Guardian newspaper article had pride of place behind our desk. We were thrilled with how many people popped in to congratulate us 


    Then we were then filmed for Sky TV, it was a short documentary featuring Comedienne Rebecca Front and her Daughter spending an afternoon at The Hay Festival. Tilly loved our cropped T-shirts and came back twice to make purchase 

    The next BIG thing happened on the last day of the Festival. We had a visitor.......

    Benedict Cumberbatch


    I must be the worst Celebrity spotter in te world, I didnt actually recognise him. Luckily Jo was on the ball and she managed to get me to take the photo. 

    Myself Kelli Warr (Vintage Tramp) and Hay Festival Partner Jo Hodges (Hay Does Vintage )

    Click the photo to read the artical written by The Guardian

    They wrote ; Jo Hodges and Kelli Warr are, between them, the clothes version of Richard Booth, the man whose passion for secondhand stuff turned Hay into the town of books in the first place, in the 1970s.



    Jo Hodges from Hay Does Vintage with Actor Benedict Cumberbatch









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